Relang® and Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation work together in a New Chapter of Deep-Level Cooperation

Recently, Mr. Kurokawa, the Executive Vice President of Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, with his delegation visit Relang®’s production base in China. Under both parties’ senior management, a fruitful in-depth exchange and negotiation was conducted.

The Mitsubishi delegation visited the production workshop and exhibition hall, gaining a deeper understanding of the product line, technological strength, and market layout of the production base. The delegation highly praised our company’s warm reception and professional capabilities, while fully affirming our products and technologies. Relang® always adhered to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent services, and we look forward to conducting in-depth cooperation with the Mitsubishi in more areas.

Mitsubishi, as a globally well-known enterprise, has always valued growing together with outstanding partners. This visit aimed to further understand our company’s strength and potential, laying a firm foundation for future cooperation. During the in-depth discussions, we jointly explored current market trends and industry challenges, as well as looking forward to future development prospects and cooperation opportunities. Both parties agreed that under the economic globalization, only by strengthening cooperation could we achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

As a long-term quality supplier of Relang®, Mitsubishi’s visit this time not only deepened the understanding and trust between both parties, but also opened a new chapter for future cooperation. We look forward to achieving complementarity and collaboration in our respective areas of strength, continuing to keep the principle of customer first and quality first, also constantly improving our competitiveness and service level to create a better future with the Mitsubishi Corporation.

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