Making forms: Enabling function

Collaborating with customers at every stage from design and manufacture to fabrication and installation means there’s every chance you’ve already experienced what we do. In an ever-growing range of projects from the functional to the fantastical, Relang surfaces are making spaces in over 55 countries across the globe. Find out more about the possible applications and the spaces we make.

Our clients’ industries

When hygiene, cleanliness and safety are paramount, Relang surfaces make life easier for medical patients and staff alike.

Our customers create anything from conventional office spaces to practical workshops and communal collaborative hubs. Our surfaces are as adaptable as the client requires, to fit the way you work.

Sleek, modern surfaces provide the timeless aesthetic for the customers’ front-of-house experience as well as the functional dependability a working kitchen or bar needs.

Our customers make their clients’ lives easier in the spaces most important to them. Customizable to suit specific needs and shapes, Relang surfaces enable better living in every room in the home.

Functional, sustainable, and durable spaces mean students can focus on progress and schools can become safer and more efficient places to be.

Partners make shoppers feel special by deploying high-end materials. Retail counters, shelving, and bespoke fabricated units can become unique sculptural works that accentuate the experience.

Better Living Through Design

Seeing is believing, so we want to show you it all. These headings give a brief glimpse into the different ways some of the world’s leading brands use Relang products out in the world, but to best understand the benefits of having us as your OEM, find your Inspiration.