Solid Surfaces with Depth

Some of the biggest brands put their names on our products. Our partners rely on us for high-quality solid surfaces, advanced technology and fabrication, and exemplary customer service that puts our relationship first.

As a leading solid surface manufacturer, we produce premium materials for a range of residential and commercial applications. Combining the luxurious appearance of natural stones and the flexible versatility of modern materials, our advanced products can be moulded, thermoformed, and fabricated with inconspicuous seams, crafted by hand to fit their environment. Factor in our kaleidoscopic range of color possibilities, and the aesthetic applications are limited only by your client’s imagination.

Features & Benefits

Relang solid surfaces can be manipulated to form single units across whole spaces with no visible or perceptible seams. Smooth flowing shapes form as one, with the added benefit that dirt and bacteria don’t have any place to gather.

Easy to Clean
You don’t need specialized cleaning chemicals products for Relang products. Our hygienic surfaces resist dirt, abrasions, mold, mildew, and bacteria with proper cleaning. In most applications they can be cleaned with everyday soap and water.

We’ve engineered sustainability into our surfaces for longer life. Instead of being replaced as often as other surfaces, Relang products can easily be returned to their original finish with light sanding and buffing.

Non-Porous / Stain Resistant
Spills, stains, bacteria and chemicals aren’t getting through our impervious surface, so it’s easier to clean and ultra-hygienic.

Bacteria Resistant
The composition of our surfaces ensures they comply with ASTM G21 and G22 standards in resisting bacterial growth, mildew, mold and fungus, which is why our partners choose Relang surfaces for practical spaces from hospitals and laboratories to wet rooms and kitchens.

Chemical Resistant
Relang products protect against harsh chemicals and solvents, allowing for their application in a range of industrial and commercial environments.

Along with the capacity for casting and moulding, our surfaces are thermoformable, further expanding the scope of their application in architectural and sculptural works.

Relang surfaces are manufactured to rigorous environmental and sustainability standards, meeting GREENGUARD criteria and enabling partners and resellers to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

From manufacture to application, our surfaces are certified non-toxic (GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD Gold, NSF51 Food Contact+) for a broad range of installations and industries.

Fire Resistant
Relang acrylic surfaces are Class-A (ASTM E84) rated building materials. Their resistance flame spread and smoke generaton provide reassurance for the health and safety of users.

Under the Surface

There’s more. More to our products, more to our capabilities, and more exciting things to come. The possibilities our partners and clients create with us are virtually endless, and we pride ourselves as being the chosen manufacturing partner in those relationships. Experience means we have a catalogue of existing forms / shapes such as sinks and bathtubs, as well as an expanding capacity for fabrication finished and semi-finished fixtures. Our off-the-shelf library has 96 colors and counting, or we can color-match to your specific requirements. Whatever you’re thinking of, let Relang help you realize it. We love a challenge.